Living Reviews in Relativity

"Gravitational Radiation from Post-Newtonian Sources
and Inspiralling Compact Binaries"
Luc Blanchet  

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1 Introduction
1.1 Gravitational-wave generation formalisms
1.2 Problem posed by compact binary systems
1.3 Post-Newtonian equations of motion and radiation
Part A: Post-Newtonian Sources
2 Einstein’s Field Equations
3 Linearized Vacuum Equations
4 Non-linear Iteration of the Field Equations
4.1 The post-Minkowskian solution
4.2 Generality of the solution
4.3 Near-zone and far-zone structures
4.4 The radiative multipole moments
5 Exterior Field of a Post-Newtonian Source
5.1 The matching equation
5.2 General expression of the multipole expansion
5.3 Equivalence with the Will-Wiseman formalism
5.4 The source multipole moments
5.5 Post-Newtonian field in the near zone
6 Non-linear Multipole Interactions
7 The Third Post-Newtonian Metric
Part B: Compact Binary Systems
8 Regularization of the Field of Point Particles
8.1 Hadamard self-field regularization
8.2 Hadamard regularization ambiguities
8.3 Dimensional regularization of the equations of motion
8.4 Dimensional regularization of the radiation field
9 Newtonian-like Equations of Motion
9.1 The 3PN acceleration and energy
9.2 Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations
9.3 Equations of motion in the center-of-mass frame
9.4 Equations of motion and energy for circular orbits
9.5 The innermost circular orbit (ICO)
9.6 Accuracy of the post-Newtonian approximation
10 Gravitational Waves from Compact Binaries
10.1 The binary’s multipole moments
10.2 Contribution of wave tails
10.3 Orbital phase evolution
10.4 The two polarization waveforms
11 Acknowledgments
Open References References