Bulletin of TICMI

Volume 10, 2006

Workshop on Degenerate Partial Differential Equations,

Weighted Spaces, and Applications to Mechanics

14-16 October,  2005, Tbilisi

List of Participants:

A. Ashordia (Georgia)

S. Kharibegashvili (Georgia)

G. Avalishvili (Georgia)

T. Meunargia (Georgia)

M. Avalishvili (Georgia)

D. Natroshvili (Georgia)

N. Avazashvili (Georgia)

J. Peradze (Georgia)

O. Chkadua (Georgia)

J. Rogava (Georgia)

N. Chinchaladze (Georgia)

B. - W. Schulze (Germany)

G. Devdariani (Georgia)

D. Shulaia (Georgia)

D. Gordeziani (Georgia)

Z. Siradze (Georgia)

E. Gordeziani (Georgia)

R. Sokhadze (Georgia)

N. Gordeziani (Georgia)

T. Tadumadze (Georgia)

D. Gubeladze (Georgia)

I. Tavkhelidze (Georgia)

B. Gulua (Georgia)

M. Tsiklauri (Georgia)

J. Gvazava (Georgia)

L. Tepoyan (Armenia)

G. Jaiani (Georgia)

T. Vashakmadze (Georgia)

R. Janjgava (Georgia)

N. Zirakashvili (Georgia)



1330 – 1400 Opening of the Workshop.


1400 – 1450 B.-W. Schulze (Germany). Boundary Value Problems and Calculus on Manifolds with Edges I.

1500 – 1520 T. Vashakmadze. On a Remark to a Law of  Natural Sciences.

1530 – 1550 G. Jaiani. On a Nonlocal Problem for a System of Singular Differential Equations Connected with Cusped Prismatic Shells.


1100 – 1150 B.-W. Schulze (Germany). Boundary Value Problems and Calculus on Manifolds with Edges II.

1200 – 1250 L. Tepoyan (Armenia). Mixed Problem for the Degenerate Differential-Operator Equations of the Higher Order.

1300 – 1320  D. Gordeziani, E. Gordeziani, N. Gordeziani. An Additive Locally One-dimensional Models for Pluriparabolic Equations.


1400 – 1420 G. Devdariani, R. Janjgava, B. Gulua. Dirichlet Problem for Marquerre-von Kármán Equations System.

1430 – 1450 D. Gubeladze. Friedrichs’ and Poincare’s Weighted Inequalities.

1500 – 1520 S. Kharibegashvili. Some Boundary Value and Initial Boundary Value Problems for a Second Order Hyperbolic Equations with Different Degenerations.

1530 – 1550 T. Meunargia. Some Basic Boundary Value Problems for Non-shellow Shells.

1600 – 1620 D. Natroshvili. Solvability and Regularity Results to Boundary-Transmission Problems for Metallic and Piezoelectric Elastic Materials.

1630 – 1650 J. Rogava, M. Tsiklauri. Higher Order Decomposition Formulas for a Semigroup.

1700 – 1720 T. Tadumadze. Formulas of  Variation for Solutions to Some Classes of  Functional–Differential Equations.


1100 – 1150 B.-W. Schulze (Germany). Boundary Value Problems and Calculus on Manifolds with Edges III.

1200 – 1220 D. Gordeziani, G. Avalishvili, M. Avalishvili. Nonlocal in Time Problems for Schrödinger Type Equations

1230 – 1250   N. Avazashvili. On the Possibility of Equivalent Regularization of the Characteristic Singular Integral Equation.


1400 – 1420 M. Ashordia. Singular Boundary Value Problems for Systems of Generalized Ordinary Differential Equations.

1430 – 1450 N. Chinchaladze. On Some Solid-Fluid Interaction Problems.

1500 – 1520 J. Gvazava. An Oblique Derivative Nonlinear Problem with Data on Free Characteristics.

1530 – 1550 J. Peradze. On the Solution of the Kirchhoff Differential Equation.

1600 – 1620  R. Sokhadze. Bitsadze-Samarsky Nonlocal Boundary Value Problem for a  Mixed Type Equations with a Parabolic Degeneration in the Domain.

1630 – 1650 D. Shulaia. On a General Solution to the Radiative Transport Equation of the Polarized Light.

1700 – 1720 O. Chkadua. Solvability and Asymptotic of Solutions to a Mixed Boundary Value Problem with a Crack in the Electro-elasticity.

1730 – 1830 Round Table.